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Tzu Chi started from international relief, fund raising, donations, supporting Chinese immigrants, volunteering in Auckland Children Hospital and environmental protection to caring and visiting older people living alone, children with disabilities and stroke patients.

Tzu Chi branch is promoting the objective of  "One good deed per person will reduce the effects of evil"  and hope that we will be able to spread of love to all neighbouring suffering areas.


Our first free consultation clinic and blood donation was in 2005.


1. Chinese Class
At first in 1999, when members of Tzu Chi came to Mr. Sung's house for reading gatherings or sign language classes, retired teacher Mr Lin gave their children some lessons on Chinese and "Still Thoughts" so that they would not be so bored.  Gradually, parents found that their children enjoyed the classes and even learn to behave, so the number of students began to grow by word of the mouth. 

In order to accommodate more overseas teachers and invite new immigrants to become Tzu Chi volunteers, the Chinese "Still Thoughts" class was officially set up in 2002.

Now, we have 7 classes of more than 120 students as compared to the 10~20 students in the early stage, and with the generosity of parents, volunteers and members, we anticipate that the Chinese class will grow bigger and stronger in the long run.

2. Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association
A group of Auckland University students started a street appeal for the Taiwan 921 Earthquake victims back in 1999, and by the end of the year, 6 members joined the "3rd Collegiate Training Course" in Hualien. 

The next year, Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association was founded on March 11.  The Youth Association now has more than 100 members who make use of their leisure time to visit older people in rest homes, sell second-hand goods for fundraising, celebrate Mother's Day with the elderly, organize galas and clean up beaches and plant trees.

3. Tzu Chi New Zealand website
This is an essential step because of the ever-growing demand for easy access on the internet so that messages can be sent through widely and universally.


The "Still Thoughts" Book & Café was originally set in a simple corner of Somerville College on Saturday mornings where Chinese classes were held for visitors, members and parents to spend some time reading magazines or books, or listen to CD and tapes while having a cup of nice tea and coffee.

The Book and Café was officially opened when the new Tzu Chi branch was founded.  It was designed according to the Taiwan model and a lot of cultural activities eg seminars, concerts etc. had taken place.

It was said in the Amitarthasutra that : From one seed grow a million more, and from every million will grow another million until infinity.  Therefore, do not under-estimate the power of one small seed of goodwill, because it will bring Great Love to every corner of the world, to heal the aching and soothe the pain.